The Ultimate Retail Therapy

Amenities and Facilities
Project Location

Southhaven Town Centre offers quality shopping combined with world-class dining spaces. The building is a courtyar style mixed-use development that entails skylights conveninece retail including hi-street retail, clinics, health club, resturants, and cafes. Efficient state of art design features for effective & uncompromising quality.


The Southaven Mall distinctive design consist of meandering canal, inspired by the canals of Venice, and the central piazza, evocative of the Piazza San Marco, which serves as the main atrium of the mall. The internal built environment of the mall is a juxtaposition of the Venetian Mansions.

A mix of balconies and sloping roofs interspersed with colonnaded facades come together to create a milieu reminiscent of the quintessential Venetian Street. Cutting edge, bespoke and high street stores all will have a presence at Southaven Mall. There will also be lifestyle stores, retailers that have a strong family focus and a variety of cafes, bars and restaurants to suit all tastes.